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The Superman logo is a pre-eminent and recognized emblem for the fictional superhero Superman. The Superman logo is also unofficially regarded as “S” shield. It has functioned as a model for character design after the superhero Superman gave his first appearance. This ritual of wearing a character symbol on chest has been impersonated by many other superheroes which include Batman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, The Flash and several others. However, Superman logo holds distinctive and powerful characteristics, which sets it apart from the other logos.

The creators of the Superman logo, Jerry Siegel and Shuster, wanted a powerful and significant design for the upcoming superhero. The first letter of the character’s name, that is “S”, sounded perfect to them. Fortunately, the logo made an everlasting striking effect on its spectators. The Superman logo consists of some interesting facts, having some deep connection with history, literature, science and arts.

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