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Toyota Fortuner logo

Toyota Fortuner logo vector

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About Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner, also known as the Toyota SW4, is a medium-sized SUV based on the Toyota Hilux. Originally assembled only in Thailand, but later also in Indonesia and other countries, the Fortuner is built on the Toyota Hilux pickup truck platform. It features three rows of seats and is available in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive among others. The Fortuner is part of Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand, which also includes the Toyota Hilux and the Kijang Innova (in Indonesia). The Fortuner, meanwhile, arrived Thailand in 2004 and raised the low-cost SUV game significantly with a much more integrated SUV design language compared to the preceding 4Runner, which always retained a look of the ‘backyard conversion’ about it. Developed in large part by Toyota’s Thai operations, the Fortuner has piggybacked the success of the Hilux and is now built in a number of countries including India, Argentina and Indonesia, although outside Thailand its success has been mixed. However in the Sydney Morning Herald, Gillard whose worked for Toyota Technical Centre (TTC-AU)stated that the organization have been started working on the Fortuner since 2006. In fact, this Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is designed in Thailand by Thai and Japanese engineers. However the facelift version of the IMVs vehicles including the Fortuner was designed in Australia by TOYOTA Australia whose, in addition, are responsible in developing the next generation of the HiLux-based SUV, the Fortuner.